Photographs courtesy of Ken Howard (photos 8-16), and courtesy of Clive Barda and the ArenaPAL photo library (photos 1-7)

BILLY BUDD by Benjamin Britten
Pittsburgh Opera (2007)
Conductor: Antony Walker
Cast: Robin Leggate, David Adam Moore, Greer Grimsley, Kristopher Irmiter, Timothy Mix, Phillip Skinner, John Duykers, Daniel Teadt, Arthur Woodley, Jason Karn, Scott Scully, Peter Lindskoog, Daniel Billings, Charles Unice, Arthur Espiritu, Craig Verm, Jason Steele
Designers: Alison Chitty (sets and costumes), Alan Burrett (lighting)

The Washington Opera (2004)

Teatro Regio, Parma, Italy (2004)

Opéra de Paris (2001)

Opéra de Paris, Bastille (1996)
Conductor: Gary Bertini
Cast: Rodney Gilfry
Designers: Alison Chitty, Alan Burett
Received French Grand Prix des Critiques for Best Opera Production

Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (1995)
Conductor: Robert Spano
Cast: Rodney Gilfry, John Tomlinson, Graham Clark
Designers: Alison Chitty, Alan Burett
Four Act Original Version
Received Olivier Award for Best Opera Production

Grand Théâtre de Genève (1994)
Conductor: Roderick Brydon
Cast: Rodney Gilfry, Willard White, Robert Tear
Designers: Alison Chitty, Heather Carson
Swiss Telecast for European distribution